Seal Products (Pty) Ltd is a Namibian Company, operating in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Namibia and is a concessionaire in the seal specie. This right to harvest seals is conferred by the government of Namibia and administered by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and the Ministry of Environment. We have been in the business of harvesting seals since 1990. Our factory, situated in the coastal town of Henties Bay, processes seals into various products. The entire animal is utilized. Except for blood and bone, skin, teeth, oil, meat, flippers and various organs all have delineated product lines.
Every year, Seal Products (Pty) Ltd receives a quota of seals to harvest from the Ministry of Fisheries and a Permit to enter conservation parks for purposes of harvesting, from the Ministry of Environment. We harvest the prescribed quota, in accordance to the prescribed method, during prescribed hours, in prescribed parks and within the prescribed annual window. Government inspectors accompany all our harvesting activities and ensure compliance with government regulations.
In Namibia’s sealing Industry, Seal products is by far the dominant player and the only company with infrastructure.
Seal Products (Pty) Ltd at first was situated at Cape Cross under the name of its forerunner. Cape Cross is home to one of Namibia’s large seal colonies and is situated on land. A large number of colonies are situated offshore, with smaller colonies elsewhere on land along Namibia’s coast. When we were situated at Cape Cross, our main products were seal fur and seal teeth.
Cape Cross itself has been a site of sealing activities by Europeans since the 1800’s. As with guano collection, this activity eventually became uneconomical  and Europeans discontinued it in due course. With independence, Namibians commenced with harvesting, bolstered by the need to maintain an optimal balance between the population of seals and the other commercial fish stocks.
In the year 2000, we moved the factory to Hentiesbay, 70 km away from Cape Cross. We also changed our name to Seal Products (Pty) Ltd. This change of site and image was necessitated by a number of factors, among which are:-
(i)   The implementation of our government policy to keep our coast pristine and pollution free physically and psychosocially;
(ii)  The need to upgrade and gain more space for our factory;
(iii) The need to be closer to the labour pool in view of envisioned activities;
Our vision is to be an essential partner to our government in the management of marine resources and through the seals factor, ensure the viability and robustness of our commercial fishing sector
Our mission is to consistently manage our renewable resource responsibly, in accordance with available scientific data.
Professionalism – Our partners and our customers are very important to us. We would like to keep our customers returning through service and our partners ever happier through consistency, reliability and integrity;
Honour – We neither give nor take bribes. In all our dealings, we prefer transparency and fairness without fear or favour.
Diligence – We are continually searching and researching our products and refining their composition as well as their presentation. Pleasing our customers and satisfying their needs is our preoccupation.
Anticipation – We always do our level best to anticipate the future and to broaden our presence in increasingly new and sophisticated markets and needs.